About Us


The Rugby 7’s Tournament in Rarotonga is one of the oldest in the Region and has a loyal following here and overseas. The tournament promotes a healthy lifestyles message, showcasing great 7’s Rugby s while still offering the novelty and party aspects. We proactively engage with our teams understand their requirements and build an environment to instill comradery and sporting community. Our crowd participation and engagement in between games brings our Tournament to the community promoting a family friendly, community approach and an event that is open to young and old, sporting and spectator!


“Our goal is to send a high profile competitive squad so that your tournament and its Kaupapa (Men’s and Women’s Health) benefits and gets good exposure and publicity throughout the rugby community both local and abroad”.  Deon Smith On Point Athlete Management

This year the Rugby 7’s Legend and Sports Star of our TV screens Karl TeNana will be our Raro Rugby 7’s Ambassador. Karl will bring great advise and training ideas to the event and help promote our message of Healthy Lifestyles.



The Tournament promotes the important message of Men’s and Women’s Health.  2018 we will continue to work with the Ministry of Health, Fitness experts and Gyms, Health professionals and Nutritional experts to elevate the message of healthy living in the Pacific. The Raro Rugby 7’s is a platform to inform. We are also extremely committed to promoting recycling, low carbon footprint and environmental practise that keeps us green.  Our 2017 Physio and strapping workshops with Tanya Browne will be back on the table to bring not only playing sport but sensible sports healthcare as an important message to all.


Honouring the memory of Cook Islands Rugby players and supporters since passed such as Fraser Nooroa, Navy Epati, and recently passed Massey Mateariki and Papa Dan Kamana, in 2018 we will be renaming our Cup, Plate Bowls, and Shield, in honour of those great contributors to our community and the Cook Islands Code of Rugby


Events Rarotonga has increased the Prize Pool money to make the tournament a competitive option for overseas and local teams to participate and to acknowledge the teams’ commitment to the code.

Raro Rugby 7’s Prize 2018
MEN’S CUP 8000.00
Runner up 3500.00
MEN’S PLATE 3000.00
4th Place 1500.00
MEN’S BOWL 1000.00
6th Place 500.00
WOMEN’S CUP 3000.00
Runners Up 1000.00



Schools visits. Teams will be able to visit a school in Rarotonga to engage in a training clinic. We also invite teams to provide resources to the schools.

Coaching Clinics. Held at the stadium the coaching clinics will focus on technical skill for players and refereeing. Teams will be offered attendance at the clinics

Speaking engagements – High profile players will speaking engagements at various locations – Q&A sessions and meet and greet are the focus.