RARO 7’s Registration Form


How many teams are in the tournament?

  • 14 Mens
  • 6 Womens

How much is the Registration?

Registration fee is  $880.00 Mens and $660.00 Women’s.

What does our Registration fee cover?
Your team fee this year covers your team village tent, your finals day lunch your team water and scheduled use of the ice baths. Your tournament passes and lanyards, entry to the 7’s wrap party and access to training workshops.

How do we register?                             
You must register with Jessie Sword the Registration Manager by the 30th September email Jessie on jessie@cigt.co.ck

Where are the Referees from?
A fantastic team of New Zealand Referees come up for the tournament every year and work with local referees.

Do you have accommodation deals?
Yes we do Club Raro is the HUB and have deals on offer for RR7’s supported ad teams contact holiday@clubraro.co.ck